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Powaglide Golf Buggies

Powaglide buggies were specifically designed and developed for the disabled golfer in mind. So that you are able to continue playing golf for many years to come, all our buggies break down to fit into most cars so you can take to and from your golf club .

Getting around your favourite golf course doesn't have to be like an SAS training exercise. Nor do you have to risk life and limb in a buggy that feels as stable as a shopping trolley. The Powaglide ride-on golf buggys will get you around the fairway swiftly and safely. The four wheels ensure stability on the most undulating courses, and the twisting chassis allows all four wheels to remain firmly on the ground at all times. The standard 13x5 chunky fairway tyres have excellent grip so that the buggy can cope with all weather conditions. The PG-02 and PG-05 MODELS operate via a twist throttle on the T-bar handle. The throttle is home to the battery light indicators showing the charge of the batteries, and a red button for forward and reverse drive. All our buggies come fitted with a luxury seat, bag strap and brolly holder, colour coordinated mudguards, front basket and two SLA 55AH batteries as standard — NEW 60AH lithium batteries are available on request.

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